This website is all about the CES’s (closed ecological systems). If you would like a more detailed website about the closed ecological systems please feel free to click on the link below:


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  1. Deborah Parrish Snyder says:

    hi niyah, nice to see your site and interest in Biosphere 2 and Closed Ecological Systems. if you are ever near Santa Fe, let us know to come by and meet some of the founders. For a better short film about what we did at biosphere 2 and why you might check out this youtube video now posted on our website:

    FYI, the Mission One Crew (1991-1993) did successfully complete the two year closure experiment, they were not intended to stay in longer than that. there was a 6 month transition period when crews went in and out through the airlock to measure and makes some improvements to the system, such as installing artificial lighting in the Agricultural Biome to boost crop yields which suffered during the first mission due to low light levels from two el nino years in a row. The second crew entered through the airlock for one year period with rotations planned, however, the company running the project decided to go into another direction which didn’t include human life support experiments.

    Let me know if I can be of any other help to you with your projects. Deborah Parrish Snyder, Exec. VP, Global Ecotechnics


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