What are the negative implications for society of photo shop being used to create unrealistic photos in the media?

What is one idea that could be put into place to limit this?

  • none or at lest less photo shopping  in magazines and online
  • make the world realize there is natural beauty without editing and that there are beautiful just the way they are
  • use disclaimers at the bottom of the photos saying that it is a photo shopped image or you could have a link to the original image

Photo shopping Angelina Jolie

Here I have photo shopped an image of Angelina Jolie in photo shop.

Before photo shop
Angelina-Jolie photoshopped
After photo shop

For this photo shop I used the liquefy tool in photo shop.


Photo shopping a bunny

In this photo shop I photo shopped a cute little bunny.

Before photo shop
image-description-for-cute-animals-wallpaper-cute-animals-download photo shopped.jpg
After photo shop

For this photo shop I used the clone stamp tool.

In this photo shop I photo shopped a narwhal into space.


tumblr_narwhal                           Before photo shop


narwhal in space photo shop

After photo shop

For this photo shop I used the quick select tool and the lasso tool.


My Prezi 

Photoshop tutorial review

Eleni’s photoshop tutorial had a good opening featuring her name and what tool she was going to be using.

She has written out each step with care making sure to put in photos of each step. Her wording is easy to understand, but is still detailed enough to show you how to do the steps efficiently and properly. She had at least one photo on each step to show give you a visual representation of the step.

Overall Eleni’s prezi shows you an easy and detailed way to use the Clone stamp tool.

Score: 21/25